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Next years race countdown: June 4th 2016 at 08:00 in Astoria, Oregon and Yorktown, Virginia.


Trans Am Bike Race is proud to announce that inquiries are being accepted for 2016 entry. For those unfamiliar, the race is gearing up for it’s 3rd iteration of sending off self supported road racers on a 4400 mile journey across the United States at break neck speed. Featured in the film Inspired to Ride, the Trans Am is part of a quickly growing subset of cyclists. Born out a desire to race on roads with techniques and ethics based in the world of ultra endurance bikepacking events such as the Tour Divide, the Trans Am stands as the middle ground between events like Race Across America and Tour Divide. One being a supported road race across the country and the other being a self supported off road race down the spine of the country. The race bears a little similarity to the European Transcontinental mostly by the similar style of conventional road bikes ridden in the event and it’s cross continent nature..

For the Trans Am, the rules are simple, race the Adventure Cycling Association‘s TransAmerica Trail under your own power, self supported. This means no outside assistance, no support cars, and NO DRAFTING (see rules).. The course record stands at just over 16.5 days and racers typically are expected to aim for a race time not much more than double, over 40 days and it starts to look more like touring, people are encouraged to be competitive but respectful. All are welcome to inquire, this race is not for everyone but if you have a wild itch to cycle day and night, then perhaps this is for you.

So what’s new for 2016? Mass starts on both coasts, the addition of a pairs category, and an open call for tourists to line up.

Firstly, the time and date, June 4th at 8AM. Secondly, mass starts in BOTH Yorktown, Virginia and Astoria, Oregon. Racers have the option to depart from either coast this year, however the question will always remain, “which way is fastest?”

Pairs! Yes you read that right, there is now an opportunity for 2 riders to race as in a pairs division. Mutual aid will be allowed between the two riders but all other rules remain in place. Solo riders still compete against solo riders as usual.

Tourists! 2016 is the 40th anniversary of Bikecentennial. All potential Trans Am tourists are cordially invited to line up with racers in both Yorktown and Astoria to depart at 8AM on the morning of June 4th. Plugin to the facebook group here. Tourists are encouraged to line up in a self supported fashion free of a support vehicle, but otherwise out to celebrate and experience the hospitality and warmth that is the United States’ most popular touring route!

Interested in joining the mass start in 2016? Inquire here.


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