◾Japanese Odyssey 2015

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In the world of unsupported events, the Japenese Odyssey starts on Sunday September 13th.
A 14 day, 4 stage, self supported 3,000km race across Japan. Covering the 4 major islands including a 38Km ascent to the Norikura pass at 2700 metres, and the stunning vistas of Mount Aso, it looks like an amazing experience.

Cool Brevet card for the entrants
Cool Brevet card for the entrants

As far as we can tell from the F.Book page there are only 6 riders taking part. Is this low entry entirely due to the far flung location, or partly because the event is not a race? It does seem to us that Race events bring about that extra commitment from riders.

It’s good to say that we have a BDR member Brian Stewart  on the start line, so lets hope we have some way of following the adventure. (Updated: Tracker page here) The organisers indicated there would be blue dots to watch, but regardless it looks like Brian could be grabbing a few blue dot points in September.


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