◾The YEAR Century Challenge is off and running

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As the bells rang out to take us into 2016, it also signalled the re-birth of the Yearly Century Challenge in the UK.

How keenly was this going to be contested, well one rider set out on the roads at 00:01 and went on to complete the first century of the year! Another braved the icy Jan 1st roads at 2am and went on to record our first double century of the year, Bravo; Steve Abraham followed suit just before that first day ended play with a double too.

Friday Jan 1st ended with eight riders getting their name on the board, and once the holiday weekend was complete we had a total of Forty Four riders claiming at least one Ton, we have a competition going here guys, brilliant.

Steve Abraham and Jack Peterson had amassed 4 apiece, probably the only time anyone will match Steve on his quest for the Year mileage record.

Four other riders had put in two tons.
Paul Buckley grabbing a commendable very wet double and Phill Cloke did two separate rides.
Kajsa Tylén chasing the ladies Yearly mileage World record had a great start to her campaign with two strong 100 mile rides, while Dave Barter the author of the YEAR BOOK led by example with two tons also.

Week 1

As the difficult return to work after the Christmas layoff started, we watched to see how many weekday tons would be surfacing.  The answer was plenty. Kajsa and Steve riding every day was expected, but others kept coming in. Some working round and extending the daily commute, while one London Cycle courier Doug seemed to be keen to grab that last job to push him into the century zone.

Jack Peterson put in another four around work, and Steve Gee three, but they were no match for Steve. His eight for the week will be disappointing for his mileage record totals though, he just can’t get the 200 miles a day he so desperately needs.

The totals can be found here: YCC Table so far and don’t forget to follow and share your experiences with us on  https://twitter.com/100mileriders or use the hashtag #100milerides

For extra fun we have also started a team competition for fun. For this its just the three riders totals added together for the year. Grab two other riders from your club, or friends and email the details to BlueDotRiders, don’t forget a team name too. It would be interesting to see if any Team can compete with Steve’s total by August.

13 Steve Abraham
8 Jack Peterson
5 Steve Gee
4 Kajsa Tylén
4 Paul Buckley
4 Phill Cloke
4 Ricki Goode (A5R)

If you have any stories to tell in your tons quest, or if we miss your rides, please drop us a mail  BlueDotRiders, and Good Luck.


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