◾Century Challenge Week 2

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The week the Ice and snow finally appeared across the UK. It certainly hit the ton up hopefuls as only 25 riders recorded the magic 100 compared to the 39 of week 1.

David Kohler from Edinburgh joined the challenge as he rides across America. unfortunate for him he’s coming to the end of his coast to coast epic in Miami but gained 5 tons this week. A weekly total shared with Kajsa who showed true grit in keeping up her daily mileage tally.

Kajsa starting her epic Year in the Saddle as YCC joined her
Kajsa starting her epic Year in the Saddle

Andy C as part of his Super Randoneur challenge per month (Super Randonneur is AUK’s, “traditional award for the top 10% of hardened night-riders. Ride a series of 200, 300, 400 & 600km all in one season) does his 600K ride.
This is a good illustration of the daily mileage rules, his 374 mile ride only gets him 2 centuries, one per day.

He wasn’t the only big rider though, Steve A, James JD, Paul B and Jon K all put in epics, the latter three in the aptly named “Willy Warmer” Audax.
We hearing of many targets for the year, at least four riders have the Ton of Tons as their objective, while many are happy to aim for one a month. Remember twenty centuries will gain you a certificate from YCC if you like mementos.

Another notable ride was from Dave B our first recorded ton on a mountainbike, he still managed to hit the ground hard on ice though luckily without injury. Keep safe out there, there’s plenty of the year to go.

Century leader board so far after week 2

21 Steve A
11 Jack P
10 David K
9   Kajsa T
7   Steve Gee
6   James JD
6   Phill C
6   Ricki G

And don’t forget out new team category formed after a few requests from club riders.
Teams of 3 will have their totals added together for the year. Send us your Team name and 3 selected riders (in the YCC group) to bluedotriders@gmail.com. We would like to see some (however loose) association between riders.
NOTE: Don’t choose Steve Abraham, that’s just not playing fair, he’s a solo player to the core. The challenge is on to see if a team can beat this solo machine riding his bike full time.


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