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The big news of week 3 was the Story of Steve Abraham ending his year mileage record attempt. Despite putting in near 200 mile day rides he was leaving such a big task to regain lost miles that it was not worth continuing. So with 24 centuries so far in January it’s scant reward that he is the first rider entitled to our 20 Ton certificate. Steve joined Strava just for the year record, it would be nice if he continues loading up his rides in future, this guy has done some epic rides of all sorts in the past.

The other challenger for a years high mileage, Kajsa enjoyed a milder week to grab a good solid 5 ton and is drawing a nice trail “web” around the UK so far. Looks like she is going to be the target to chase for this year now. If you haven’t seen any of her V-logs on Facebook I’d recommend them, very entertaining. Kajsa day19

David K completed his superb trip across America coast to coast into Florida giving him an impressive 13 for the year, it’s going to be tough to maintain that start though now he’s back in Scotland. JP is keeping up his good weekly average along with fellow Team Northants rider Ricki as a regional team battle starts to emerge.  Northants vs the Northern lads but watch out for the Bristol lads when they start firing.

Glen Fruin -That's looks like a battle
That’s looks like a battle

The weekend saw the a huge surge in tons in the milder weather with 23 riders putting in a 200 km Audax distance in several different events. The busy two days boosted this weeks total to 53 separate riders over 100 miles. Our ride of the week though goes to Alex H with his cold snowy battle in Glen Fruin.

Totals table so far  LINKY

24 Steve Abraham
15 Kajsa Tylén
14 Jack Peterson
13 David Kohler
10 Steve Gee
9 Ricki Goode (A5R)
8 Phill Cloke
7 Andy C 7
6 James Juneyt Dennis
6 Mike Kelly
6 Richard Barnett
6 Richard Karmann

With at least 6 rides these riders are off to a determined start, well on course for the magic ton of tons. With the sad loss of Steve this does open up the fight to be top dog, and don’t forget our prize of the YEAR BOOK for being the months highest ton grabber.

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