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As  February fades into history, extra day and all, the riders going for the big Ton of Tons are clearly emerging. A group of about 10 riders are consistently battling time and the elements to get at least 2 big rides a week in, some more. The February king, and The Year winner, is Tony Barlow with 13 tons , who right now is enjoying riding in Spain before returning to the UK. Spain like the UK has had some windy stormy periods and unusual frosts so it hasn’t all been easy, but Tony’s nice Litespeed helps him along. Tony himself is an ex heavy smoking big guy who has turned his health around by cycling, and good luck to him for the rest of the years challenge.

Tony Barlow Bike
It’s not about the bike, but it sure helps

We did think that half term would bring a surge in rides, but this coincided with a cold icy snap, instead of volume we saw some quality rides out there.  Kajsa suffered  in the wind and cold despite meeting up with Steve Abraham (who dropped in a recovery 161 miler) for a few rides. In the final week she found her Mojo again, including chasing the Flying Scotsman to Newark, banged in 7 tons to head the table on 27. JP is just matching her at a more regular weekly rate.

Overall Riders top 10 (over 16 is on target for the big 100) The current totals Page

27  Kajsa Tylén
27  Jack Peterson
26  Steve Abraham
22  Ricki Goode (A5R)
20  Tony Barlow
20  Steve Gee
19  Phill Cloke
17  Mike Kelly
15  Richard Karmann
15  Andy C

That’s 6 riders in the 20 Century Hall of Fame already then. Here are a few rides and photos (hope that’s ok people) that got our attention during Feb.

llanberis pass
Toby Willis took this great photo on Llanberis pass during a 150 mile loop

Eric Richardson joins us and goes great guns with a tough 12000ft 140 miler to show some intent.
Rich Karmann riding straight after a nightshift and a quick sleep to maximise the daylight, the start of 3 tons in a row for him, despite some mechanicals.
Not the only one as Paul Buckley set off on a mission at 5.30pm to ride 100 miles before midnight, he made it with minutes to spare. Thats a tough call, and not recommended. If the clock ticks past midnight there is nothing you can do but possibly cry.

We had Dave Powell averaging a cracking 17mph over 8000ft in the cold, and Jamie Andrews with a  Devon/Cornwall coast to coast 156 miler.
Alex Hamilton put in a shivering wet Scottish C2C in under 6 hours, and Mike Kelly grabbed a double Ton riding home from Hunstanton.

Kilhope Cross-snow from stephen Ropbinson
What more can you say. Sums this month up well. Kilhope Cross from stephen Ropbinson

Some big Audax turnouts too: Andy C is still turning in 2 day 300 and 400K rides in his personal challenge. A tough day out in Wales in killer high winds on the Malmesbury Mash 200K for many including Mike Hall now joining YCC.
The Peak 200Km saw many of you struggling too including Audax points champ Mike Lane who will be one to watch in the coming months. Hippy Hippy rode to, and back from the Chiltern Grit audax in rain and high winds at 16.5 mph average, nice one for the double ton
I hope some new friendships are blooming as our YCC group cross paths on rides, always worth a comment on Strava to show support or arrange rides together.

YCC Night ride dedication thanks again to Toby for this

The February Hero ride Kudos can only go to one man. Martian Cioana going for our first triple. Falling short with “only” 267 miles on the same calendar day, the 292 mile trip out and round the South Coast from London, would be epic anytime; but in Febuary, Wow!

Februray Top 5, now who wants that book for March

Tony Barlow 13
Jack Peterson 11
Ricki Goode (A5R) 11
Kajsa Tylén 10
Pete R 10

From now on the totals page might not be updated as quickly as it has so far. It’s the season to start long trips away for weekends, don’t worry we will get there. Keep an eye on the latest update date, and again don’t hesitate to contact us for any missed tons.

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