◾ Valleycat No 2

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valleycat logoTraining for the TCR or just love adventurous long rides? Valleycat from the TCR organising crew is back after it’s inaugural test event last year, and is awaiting entries.

Valleycat CC has a new website for all the details and the facebook page will give you an idea of event 1 with photos.

“This time we’re going right in deeper to mid-Wales, 15 miles from Aberystwyth to be exact, for a whole weekend of controls bagging across around 350km.
Controls will be announced Friday night at Tymawr farm and riders will have all weekend to visit.
Two nights camping at Tymawr and some food is included. Recovery beverages will be retrieved from the local breweries for your sampling pleasure at the Aftercat.”

valleycat clock
Go chase those clocks in the land without vowels.

For those doing the TCR it is a great chance to simulate the Friday night 10pm start, riding into the night testing your navigation skills, Going 7 plus hours before breakfast, just like France later this year. You will also meet other entrants and TCR veterans to talk race plans with. It’s not a race; but with a start and finish, and you will be tracked, well we are only human. 😉


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