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The Century challenge in April came alive with some epic adventures, our first triple ton, snow disrupted rides and a titanic battle for the book prize.

Mike Kelly started the month with intent riding to the south coast, polishing off a 300Km Audax and returning for 4 points for the weekend. Phill Cloke and Richard Karmen (5 centuries in 5 days) responded the following week and the battle was on, with Mr consistent Steve G shadowing them whilst grabbing two double ton rides. Into the final weekend with Mike and Richard tied on 13 each and then Phill dropped his bomb, a triple ton to jump them both and secure the Year Book prize with 14; Congratulations Phill

Steve Abraham returned in style making a sweat pledge to Kajsa; to match her weeks mileage on an Eliptigo machine. This ramped up his total with 7 in one week alone, the machine is back in business. Kajsa herself had an unusually quiet month for centuries while still keeping on target for her year mileage record. Passing through 10,000 Miles data link
Steve Eliptigo pic

April Total centuries top 5

14 Phill Cloke
13 Mike Kelly
13 Richard Karmann
13 Steve Abraham
12 Steve Gee

Phil wasn’t the first 300 though, Martian C finally on his third attempt secured our first triple of the year with a superb South Coast ride.  Steve G, Mike K, Paul B, Jasmijn M (289 miles in 19 Hrs wow) did 200 mile rides twice each, with many others also riding doubles.

Now That's a huge ride
Now That’s a huge ride

The Spring classics of the Rond Flanders, and Leige Baston Liege saw a few of our YCC riders putting in big rides at each supporting sportive ride. Ian Hill rode to the Paris Roubaix race for charity, while Jack P was lucky enough to ride the course the day before, escorted by three time podium Pro rider Juan Antonio Flecha.

J.A.Flecha the ultimate guide to riding the Roubaix Cobbles
J.A.Flecha the ultimate guide to riding the Roubaix Cobbles

As Audax season got into full swing many riders totals were boosted with rides to Skegness, Bistol’s Elvis ride, fuelled by amazing cake displays, whilst the huge Brevet Cymru 400Km had a big YCC turnout (we spotted 11). Some had problems with that crazy snow mid month leading to  abandoned plans.  Dave P, Mike H, Mini Pips and Rich S all grabbed a hard earned ton over a 200Km gravel course in Kielder at the dirty Riever event.

Great shot from Shell. Early mist on the Brevet Cymru 400K
Great shot from Shell. Early mist on the Brevet Cymru 400K

Adventurous long rides started early with the Bristol Audax riders boosting there team total with a multi day weather hit epic in Iceland. Their plans were scuppered by very high winds (literally blowing them off the road) and cold nights, but what a trip. Jack P kept his big total ticking along by riding to the sun in Barcelona across the Central Masif in 6 days.

Gareth B in Iceland (photo: Luke Joy-Smith)
Gareth B in Iceland (photo: Luke Joy-Smith)

Jason Miles teamed up with Guy Martin (you may have watched them set the Tandem 24 Hr record on TV) for a coast to coast with a difference, some big miles while raising money for a worthy cause. Guy is also training towards his plan to complete the Tour Divide Race this year, Mike Hall will also be there ramping up his YCC total for sure in his quest to win it once more.

As April drew to a close remarkably we had a three way tie at the top of the totals table, with Phill Cloke chasing hard. 14 riders have now completed over 20 centuries, what will May bring.

Total Tonnage for April after 4 months. (Full table here)
50  Kajsa Tylén
50  Jack Peterson
50 Steve Abraham
46  Phill Cloke
42 Steve Gee
41 Ricki Goode (A5R)
40 Richard Karmann
39 Mike Kelly
35 Pete R
32  Tony Barlow

By the way of comparison in 1911 Marcel Planes had yet to record his first 200 mile ride, but was well on his way to 100 centuries.


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