◾ YCC May Round Up

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May saw us well and truly into big ride season with double tons becoming very common; rides to the seaside, Big Audaxes becoming more popular, and our first Everesting ride. The cold weather challenged at times, week 20 saw a particular low of only 47 recorded tons.

April winner Phil C started us off with a double, this after only one days rest from his very quick triple – but then when his book arrived he took a break.
The Fred Whitton is always popular and Shell, Greg L, Gavin Q,  Justin D, Karl S, and Alex H took on the tough climbs as they passed the ton at this event.
JJ put in some big rides with minimal stops; a 320 miler in 24 hrs, perfect timing with two tons on saturday and one on Sunday. Then backed this up with a two day ride to Edinburgh of 460 miles.
Dean C also hit a monster 317 miler but showed that timing is everything for YCC starting as 24 miles by midnight robbed him of the third ton.

PeeJay enjoyed the peaks
PeeJay enjoyed the peaks

Big doubles on long multi day trips from Darren F to Bilbao Spain, and Andy C doing 865 miles in 4.5 days, but again Martian C had to be top dog; a London to Liverpool return trip of 446 miles.

Strava dubbed May the 10th  “ride to work day” much of the country had bad weather but it didn’t stop Matt the Beard. OK he didnt go to work but grabbed a great double ton. Several riders did the Etape du Dales but loads more in YCC did the Brian Chapman Memorial 600K in a gloriously sunny Wales. We counted sixteen which all added to the highest tonnage week so far this year. Check out the Strava Playback

Big Kudos for the first YCC Everest. George C climbed over 8840 Metres up Ditchling Beacon  Then The Bonk followed shortly after with one too.

Shell does the Fred- Hardknott headwind
Shell does the Fred- Hardknott headwind

Richard Barnett put in a consistent month to grab May’s “The Year” book prize, while Kajsa still Marches on in her Year Mileage record quest. The consistency of the year long front runners continues to amaze, now joined by Mike lane and Andy C as they get into their stride. We have a feeling June is going to be huge, bear with us as we try to keep up.

May Totals

14 Kajsa Tylén
13 Richard Barnett  (Year Book Prize winner)
13 Jack Peterson
11 Andy C
10 Mike Lane
10 Steve Gee
9 Lindsay Clayton
9 Mike Kelly
9 Pete R
9 Ricki Goode

2016  totals after five months (full List)
64 Kajsa Tylén
63 Jack Peterson
57 Steve Abraham
54 Phill Cloke
52 Steve Gee
50 Ricki Goode
48 Mike Kelly
48 Richard Karmann
44 Pete R
42 Andy C
41 Mike Lane
37 Tony Barlow
36 Richard Barnett


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