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The month with the most daylight, and the start of many Ultra endurance races, we would expect a landslide of tons this month.

Jasmijn Muller starts the month off with a LEJOG trip. This was in preparation for a future attempt to beat the ladies record for the End to End route in 2017. It was great seeing the huge variation of trips riders took, June’s bullet points follow in no particular order.

  • Marcus JB went on an great voyage of adventure, this bridged both May and June as he headed South for the sun across France
  • Ten riders have now cracked the 50 Tons after 6 Months and thirty people have a completed 20 to gain a certificate (Note: If any of your are graphic designers and can help with the design of this please get in touch
  • Dave Barter put in another great off road Ton ride completing a double ridgeway ride. Ridgeway_DaveB
  • Alex H and Graeme C collect a few doing the increasingly popular NC500 route in Scotland.
  • A local Northants battle breaks out between Rich K and Ricki G, at times both putting in 4 tons in a week, Rich coming out on top 13 to 12 in his favour.
  • Phil C puts in a mammoth consistent 17 for the month with 5 in one week, to move him up to third in the overall table.
  • Darren F practicing for a ton fest at the TCR race goes LEL route hunting riding from London to Edinburgh for 440 miles (3 tons)
  • Richard B and Steve G join the Triple Ton club with a very fast 300 around the Lincoln area in 23 Hours.
  • Toby Willis joins the YCC Everesting gang, the third this year to scale 8480 metres up the same climb in a day.
  • The Big Audax rides are in full swing, several riders out on the very tough Dragons and Legends 600Km round Wales including Alex B and Gareth B and Mike L

Almost a lap of wales

Almost a lap of wales

Photo: Alex Bend

Photo: Alex Bend

  • Another event for Sarah F, Keith W and Chris H was to complete the Coast to Coast route including the Hardknott pass in one day.
  •  Dereck M and Eric R rode the other direction across the country in the South for 204 miles, chasing the sun from when it rose in Southend over to the Welsh West Coast.
  • Mike Hall smashed the Tour Divide Race from Banff Canada to the Mexican border.  Read the story here. Just think about that, under 14 days for 2700 miles off road with minimal sleep unsupported, truly amazing cycling. He gained 19 Tons to deservedly win this Months book prize. “The Year”
  • Commiserations to Steve G who looked odds on for the book prize going into the final three days of the month regularly posting four Tons in a week. His efforts though now move him up to fourth in the overall 2016 list above Steve A.
  • Steve Abraham himself took part in a 12 hour TT double ton on his trusty Raleigh riding at over 20mph average. He is certainly training hard and look out for an attempt on the HAMR month record before the year’s out; That should be 60 tons alone with his past record.
Photo: JackP – Stunning

Three of the Top ten riders this month competed against each other in the TransAtlanticWay Race around Irelands Wild Atlantic Way. Jack P, Paula R and George C gathered a hatful of Tons during one week battling the elements, whilst enjoying the stunning views this huge coastal route offers.  This means Jack stretches out a brief gap at the top of the yearly tons table with 76, while Kajsa had a relaxing month touring to and round Sweden, still on target for the ladies highest Annual mileage record.

Centuries Recorded for June:
19 Mike Hall
17 Phill Cloke
14 Steve Gee
13 Richard Karmann
13 Paula Regener
13 Jack Peterson
12 Ricki Goode
11 Mike Lane
8 Steve Abraham
8 Kajsa Tylén
8 George Cordal

Yearly Totals at the end of June:  (full List)
Jack Peterson 76
Kajsa Tylén 72
Phill Cloke 71
Steve Gee 66
Steve Abraham 64
Ricki Goode  62
Richard Karmann 61
Mike Kelly 54
Mike Lane 52
Pete R 50





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