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Jap Odyssey

This event is gathering interest and on Saturday Sept 17th sixteen riders will leave the Nihonbashi Bridge in Tokyo to take on the quest to climb many of Japans iconic climbs. We say quest because once again it is not billed as a race and there is no set route.

Riders have 14 days to pass through 11 mandatory mountain passes and check points until the finish line in Osaka, the order they attack them is entirely up to them. The event is tracked (see website when live) so we should see riders zigzagging all over Japans islands.

2016 Checkpoints and start-finish locations
From Tokyo to Osaka the 2016 Checkpoints will produce many varied routes

We will be following friend of the site Daniel Johnasson  with interest and hopefully he will provide his usual in depth stories of the adventure afterwards.

Interested for 2017; you might like to see the Ride with GPS files for checkpoints and the climbs

Previous Posts:

Despite the rain and low rider count for 2015, the organisers are once again promoting this unsupported Trans Japan trip. Will it be a race this time, the website is under review but you can register an interest if you have any spare time left by September 2016.

A message from the organisers:

We are pleased to present you the second edition of the Japanese Odyssey.

The event will start from Tokyo on September 17, 2016. Entrants will have to reach Osaka within a 14 day time limit. They may take the route of their choice, as long as they go up the 11 mandatory climbs. Those imposed detours will take the riders in various regions among which the Japanese Alps and the island of Shikoku.

In the 60’s, a mountaineer, Kyuya Fukada, detailed in a book his 100 favourite mountains in Japan. His Nihon Hyakumeizan became a hit. The book was widely read, and those hundred mountains became a goal for many hikers. Today, the word: Meizan refers to an “eminent”, unique and admired mountain, and the Hyakumeizan are now strongly embedded in the Japanese mountaineering sport.

The second edition of the Japanese Odyssey is about taking the entrants up a series of famous climbs in Japan. But it is also an attempt to place them in touch with the traditions, customs and culture of the country. It is an attempt to make them “breathe” Japanese air.

Discover the route at: http://www.japanese-odyssey.com/

and keep in touch on https://www.facebook.com/japaneseodyssey/

This is our second edition of the Japanese Odyssey. First edition took place last year (sept-15). 6 entrants took part in that 1st edition. 2 Australians, 1 British, 1 coming from Singapore, and me and my partner coming from France. As you wrote it in one of your post, we don’t see our event as a race. Or I should better say: it is not a race against the others. It is a race against the clock. Make it to Osaka in 14 days, and you are a winner.

Here, you will find some photos from last year event. I hope you will get a glimpse of the idea of our event.


There you go 😉

BDR: 2015 information post here shame non of the riders appeared to have written about the experience yet.


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