The Century Challenge in 2017

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While it’s been fun watching the achievements of riders pushing themselves through 2016, it’s also been very challenging.  Counting the rides during the week is fine, and it’s been great fun checking out some amazing ride locations;  watching the race for the first 300 mile triple ton ride, and being part of the race to be first to the ton of tons.

Here at YCC towers come the weekend it gets hectic, add in going away on your own multiday trips and it becomes somewhat a burden. Returning home tired and hungry and having to prioritise Strava mining for tons over recovery sleep and reacquainting myself with the family has proved pretty difficult. Even Sunday nights away have been spent trying to find Internet access just to check the previous weeks club table before it disappears for good on Strava.

One time consuming aspect has also been that riders like to put up multi-day trips and long Audax rides as one file.  Don’t get me wrong they look great, but come on, is it the same ride when you have 8 hrs sleep in your own bed.
With the centuries only counting in a calendar day rule, most rides had to be verified by manually trolling through them in analysis mode, taking into account their start time and periods stopped.

We want the show to go on for 2017, the Strava API allows automatic collection of data from group members and it’s being tested in use right now.  An example from the test page (shown above) will display the latest rides above 100 miles. Riders will be able to see the latest big rides; BUT there are restrictions, as Strava only allows group admin to retrieve the last 200 rides from its records.

At the moment the group members rack up about 80 rides a day but at peak periods over the weekend if you load your ride late Sunday, or Monday it will be missed. This occurs because Strava timestamps each one with the ride start time. To get round this there will be a link to each riders recorded centuries. A section of Kajsa’s January 2016 rides are shown here

If any rider notices an unrecorded century ride there will be the option to manually  make sure it is recorded. This is done by putting the Strava ride number in the add box shown. The ride number is the unique reference Strava gives to every ride; this is available in your browser URL address box.
This takes the form
The ONLY part we will require you to put in the box is the final number, in this example its 783530675

Anyone who joins the challenge late will be required to get up to speed by adding their historical rides themselves using the above method.

So is that over 783 million rides already in the Strava bank, wow! Wonder what the earliest ride number is that we can reference. This was the 100 millionth in 2013, The earliest one I quickly found was this one 299 from 2008

Summary Table – this is not the finished product but shows a Centuries total column – which will link to the list of recorded rides.

To make this as automatic a process as possible some things will change come January 1st.

2017 Century Challenge Rules (work in progress)

  1. UK riders only (we are still considering making this worldwide we have 1 month to decide.)
  2. Competitors must join the Yearly Century Challenge (YCC) club on strava
  3. If your rides are private then YCC admin will request to follow you for ride validation purposes.
  4. The counting starts on January 1st 2017 at 00:00
  5. Rides must be human powered only, and in the great outdoors, no virtual rides or indoor track rides
  6. Rides no longer have to be within a calendar day. Starting at 10pm and finishing the next day counts as a century this year.
  7. One point for every 100 mile ride. 100 miles = 1 point, 200 miles =2 points etc.
  8. We appreciate riders like to upload multi-day rides as one file. This is allowed as long as it is not abused to falsify or simulate a long distance ride/trip
  9. Two separate ride files on one day that total over 100 miles will qualify, it will be up to the rider to email the organisers to bring attention to this as the logging software will miss it. (It would be better to join the rides together before uploading, or just don’t reset your device until the end of your second ride.
  10. Much of this relies on rider honour, any suspect admissions will be discounted; Repeat offenders will be removed from the YCC group.
  11. If rides are updated late or during peak summer periods they will be missed, more so if we go world wide. In 2017 it will be the riders responsibility to add their missing rides themselves, a list of collected rides and a self upload form will be provided. To an upload a ride you input your Strava ride number. (found at the end of the ride URL)
  12. Riders joining after the start date of Jan 1st will be responsible for adding their previous rides manually to the counting database, or must provide a list of Strava ride links by email to the YCC admin
  13. In all maters arising the final decision rests with the YCC admin, who reserves the right to alter or amend the rules as may be necessary.

For any more info, Mail: Any offers in prizes or support will be greatly received, does your company want to sponsor this challenge? Any comments or questions appreciated below too.



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