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This Month was all about one special lady, Kajsa on the 24th November passed the mileage set by Billy Fleming of 29,603 miles to beat the current ladies annual mileage record in the UK. The first of many to end the year

Bizarrely Guinness will recognize the record when she passes 50,000km with an expected celebration at 11am on Dec 9th at Harvey Hadden in Nottingham. Due to the leap year the official end of the record attempt is at 08:15 am on Sat 31st Dec. Why not join us on your final Ton of the year at the Finish Line Party which will be held from 07:30 at Leisure Lakes Bikes in Breaston. http://www.ayearinthesaddle.com/

On the Home stretch Kajsa has been racking up the miles with 27 Centuries. Steve G has been putting in some super long rides (382 & 252 miles) and deserves his prize of the Year book for November whilst looking like he has secured third place in our overall total.

November  Tons
27 Kajsa Tylén
9  Mike Kelly
9  Steve Abraham
9  Steve Gee
8  Paul Buckley
8  Ricki Goode
7  James Juneyt Dennis

Ricki Goode’s strong showing shows the competition for the spots in the top 10 are still super competitive despite November being the quietest month of 2016 so far for centuries. Much Kudos to Mike Kelly who became our latest Centurion on the 10th November and kept going in style.

Top 10 with December remaining
158 Kajsa Tylén
158 Steve Abraham
118 Steve Gee
114 Jack Peterson
114 Phill Cloke
110 Ricki Goode
104 Mike Kelly
104 Richard Karmann
102 Pete R
83 Mike Lane
77 Paul Buckley

The month started with Jasmijn Muller competing at the world TT champs in California, She was powering away in the lead overall but then suffered bad heatstroke and stopped 6 hrs from the end. Despite this Jas was still 3rd overall and won her age class, so huge congratulations despite the misfortune.

Back in cold Blighty the first snows didn’t stop Steve G putting in his huge overnight rides up North, with Steve Abraham riding out with Kajsa for her record celebration ride and Wyatt from Planet Rock on a charity ride keeping Kajsa at bay for now. The London epic duo JJ Dennis and Martian Cioana both put in separate rides over 400 miles with minimum stoppage time, JJ doing a south coast loop and Martian going sight seeing to Lands end.

Missing you

It will be interesting to see how many of the YCC crew put up the required December over 250KM ride.  This is stage 1 of a competition to win a free entry and kit for the 2017 Transcontinental race.


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