◾ YCC 2017 Final Results

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After checking the YCC tons collection page for 2017 and applying some corrections and adding missed big rides the final totals for all those over 50 tons is shown:

    1. Steven Abraham 498
    2. Lee Robinson (RBCC) 100
    3. Mike Lane 88
    4. Shaun Hargreaves 83
    5. Ricki Goode 76
    6. Shell (LFCC) 74
    7. Jack Peterson 70
    8. Stephen Haines 63
    9. Lee Pearce (ACC) 58
    10. Lee Killestein 55
    11. Phil Binch 53
    12. David Stark 52
    13. Steve Gee 51
    14. Jeff Ellingham 51
    15. Steve Cunliffe 50
    16. Paul Rainbow 50

Steve Abraham is in the process once more of going for the highest annual mileage record, for 2017 he covered 65406 miles and is currently fighting the weather to keep on track. We had riders doing the great epics; the Transcontinental, Transam, Indypac, TransAtlantic and the London-Edinburgh-London, as well as some big European tour rides.


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