24 logoThe BDR 24 Hour Challenge

Calling all blue dot riders. The chips are down, your closing in on the finish of an event, just how deep can you go. To help you find out, how many miles can you do in a calendar day?

Starting on a new day, your local time, you have the whole of that day, 24 hrs. midnight to midnight to ride. Ride into the dawn, enjoy the satisfaction of 100 miles in the bag over a well earned breakfast.

A few pointers:

  • An unsupported ride please, usual unsupported rules.
  • In the spirit of unsupported racing it should be an A-B direct route or a big loop.
  • As above constantly returning to a base (your house for instance) is classed as supported
  • It can be part of a multi-day ride if your that crazy just the 00:00 to 00:00 bit counts
  • Confirmation – The clock starts at 00:00 even if your ride started before that, and ends at midnight
  • No 24 Hr TT events, no small circuit loops

So how about it; Its down to you BDR Strava members, get out there and test yourself.


Country Ride Ascent


1  Martian Cioana  UK  East Anglia (note1)  9131ft  296.5


  1. Martian’s ride was split into two tracks. 31 miles removed from first track and 25.5 added from the second

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