Blue Dot Riders

With the growing increase in popularity in long distance unsupported road events such as the Transcontinental and the TransAm how about a common place to refer to for information about such events. Hopefully we can develop a helpful knowledge base to benefit all.

Blue Dot logo1Blue Dot Riders – Refers to the fact that competitors in these events are satellite tracked and appear on the Trackleaders race tracking site generally as a blue dot. The community of helpers and family who track the events are generally referred to as “blue dot watchers”

During the running of each of the Transcontinental races a strong UK riders group has developed on Facebook; Lots of very useful advice and links for navigation and equipment has appeared, but the nature of that means it fails to provide a lasting reference. It’s hoped that can be solved here.

The Blue Dot club – Is initially aimed at UK based riders who are either TCR veterans or just long distance junkies who want a more competitive angle to their riding than other long distance organisations offer.

The blue dot club has a Strava Group that riders can join to log rides, and a Facebook group page. It’s hoped that group sourced endurance road rides will form throughout the year as challenges laid down by the riders for other riders to join in with as training for the official events.

To be a good competitor in the Transcontinental a daily ride mileage of 200 miles (320Km) is a gold standard. With this in mind it’s proposed that each rider achieving a 200 mile continuous days ride (see rules) will be credited with a Blue Dot in the Riders league table.

If you think this is a tough daily target, consider that Tommy Godwin rode an average of 205 miles a day in 1939 for his 75,065 mile world record that still stands today (Can Steve Abraham beat this)

It’s hoped this site could become a source of useful information, some collective fun and a reference for the Endurance race community as it evolves, it would be great if you could get involved.

Join in the long distance fun by joining the Strava group, otherwise you can contact us here.

(Don’t be confused by the picture above, this is all about road riding, it’s just one the best bikepacking pictures I have ever taken)