Blue Dot Club

Anyone registered as a member of the Blue Dot Club will be eligible for blue dot points in our fun endurance league table.

To compete successfully in a multi-day Endurance race the leading riders can expect to cover 200 miles (320 Km) per day. This forms the basis for the awarding of (blue dots) points.

Blue Dots will be awarded for a continuous ride of over 200 miles in a 24 hour period. The qualifying criteria is as follows:

  • The rider must be a member of the Blue Dot Strava club which will be used to verify rides.
  • Rides should be unsupported in the spirit of the “Trans Races” rules
  • “Continuous” means a ride which has no more than a stopped period of 90 minutes during its length.
  • The ride can span two consecutive calendar days (as many of us ride through the night)
  • Continuous days riding will attract premium points, the second (and consequent) continuous rides of 200 miles completed within 24 hrs of finishing the previous will attract 2 Blue Dot points
  • Riding up and down a dual carriageway or round a loop dozens of times will get a serious ignoring, this is supposed to be fun people.

All of this is liable to evolve if it takes off 😉

A league table will appear on here to show who is the current endurance nutter in the Blue Dot community.

Mail: to register for the Blue Dot Club, anyone welcome regardless of experience.

It’s hoped in future that if community rides are arranged by fellow members we can update members by email newsletter.


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