◾Route 66 Race Cancelled

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Route 66 which started in Chicago, Illinois, USA has been cancelled mid race. Route 66 Bike Race

Clicky for website link
Clicky for website link

From the Facebook Page

Route 66 race is cancelled. Any further forward movement on the route is at racer choice but will not in any way be supported by the organisers.

” When the aca put maps out of rt66 there was a lot of excitement. Most of us had ridden others aca routes and had no reason to think the integrity of the map set was to be questioned. We talked to multiple people who had ridden the route and none stated the difficulty that most of us have experienced.”

“With 3 people hit, multiple people ending the race due to danger, and the obvious fact it is simply not safe, The call was made before any further serious accidents occur.

The leading riders are continuing, the race is still on unofficially, but they are following there own routes if they intend to complete the coast to coast ride.

Our best wishes for a speedy recovery to this years winner of the TransAtlanticWay Race Bernd Paul who was knocked off his bike in the event. He’s in good spirits after suffering a broken Pelvis.

Updated: A very interesting Mountainbike radio podcast interview here with Billy Rice and Jesse Stauffer on the race and some hints as to a new Endurance event “The Pony Express”


◾Japanese Odyssey 2016 Starts Saturday 17th

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Jap Odyssey

This event is gathering interest and on Saturday Sept 17th sixteen riders will leave the Nihonbashi Bridge in Tokyo to take on the quest to climb many of Japans iconic climbs. We say quest because once again it is not billed as a race and there is no set route.

Riders have 14 days to pass through 11 mandatory mountain passes and check points until the finish line in Osaka, the order they attack them is entirely up to them. The event is tracked (see website when live) so we should see riders zigzagging all over Japans islands.

2016 Checkpoints and start-finish locations
From Tokyo to Osaka the 2016 Checkpoints will produce many varied routes

We will be following friend of the site Daniel Johnasson  with interest and hopefully he will provide his usual in depth stories of the adventure afterwards.

Interested for 2017; you might like to see the Ride with GPS files for checkpoints and the climbs

Previous Posts:

Despite the rain and low rider count for 2015, the organisers are once again promoting this unsupported Trans Japan trip. Will it be a race this time, the website is under review but you can register an interest if you have any spare time left by September 2016.

A message from the organisers:

We are pleased to present you the second edition of the Japanese Odyssey.

The event will start from Tokyo on September 17, 2016. Entrants will have to reach Osaka within a 14 day time limit. They may take the route of their choice, as long as they go up the 11 mandatory climbs. Those imposed detours will take the riders in various regions among which the Japanese Alps and the island of Shikoku.

In the 60’s, a mountaineer, Kyuya Fukada, detailed in a book his 100 favourite mountains in Japan. His Nihon Hyakumeizan became a hit. The book was widely read, and those hundred mountains became a goal for many hikers. Today, the word: Meizan refers to an “eminent”, unique and admired mountain, and the Hyakumeizan are now strongly embedded in the Japanese mountaineering sport.

The second edition of the Japanese Odyssey is about taking the entrants up a series of famous climbs in Japan. But it is also an attempt to place them in touch with the traditions, customs and culture of the country. It is an attempt to make them “breathe” Japanese air.

Discover the route at:

and keep in touch on

This is our second edition of the Japanese Odyssey. First edition took place last year (sept-15). 6 entrants took part in that 1st edition. 2 Australians, 1 British, 1 coming from Singapore, and me and my partner coming from France. As you wrote it in one of your post, we don’t see our event as a race. Or I should better say: it is not a race against the others. It is a race against the clock. Make it to Osaka in 14 days, and you are a winner.

Here, you will find some photos from last year event. I hope you will get a glimpse of the idea of our event.

There you go 😉

BDR: 2015 information post here shame non of the riders appeared to have written about the experience yet.

TransOz for 2017 anyone? Indian Pacific Wheel Race

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Hold up on your plans for 2017, this might mix them up, do you fancy racing across Australia. Jesse Carlsson is proposing a 3700 mile race and is checking out the interest, below is lifted from his Facebook post. (updated Facebook Page, its happening)

Click to open the proposed route in ride with GPS
Click to open the proposed route in ride with GPS

OK Overlanders, click (the map above) to check out version 3 of a possible Indian Pacific Wheel Race in March 2017. There seems to be a fair bit of Internet interest in the idea but I wonder if it will translate into real world interest? Thanks for all the route suggestions so far. Unfortunately not everyone will be pleased. Nevertheless, I have a particular adventure in mind for this race, and it goes like this…
> Race bikes across Australia, from ocean to ocean.
> Single stage race of around 5,000 km.
> Solo.
> No support.
> Sealed roads.
> Starting at [***TBC: 6am on 1 Mar 2017] in Fremantle – dipping the rear wheel in the Indian Ocean sometime the day before. The finish line is the Sydney Opera House, whenever you get there. Neutral riding to Bondi Beach following that will be encouraged to dip the front wheel in the Pacific Ocean.
> Passing right through the centre of Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney, taking in some of the favourite local cycling routes along the way. I want racers to see the contrast between the outback and the city. I want commuters to see the racers. I want CBD workers and racers to cross paths. I want local bunch rides to find racers. I hope some local riders will even ride with racers as they pass through. I hope the cities welcome the racers.
> The course has a few distinct sectors with different characteristics:
1. The desert (incl the Nullarbor);
2. Rolling hills through the famous winery districts of South Australia;
3. The iconic Great Ocean Road;
4. The mountains. Sure you might be able to TT across the desert but can you hold it together though a hilly 1,200km sector to finish?
> This is not to be confused with the fully supported Trans Oz Audax event planned for next year (Aug) to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Oppy’s record-breaking Fremantle to Sydney ride in 1937 – go here for that: You will like that event a lot more than this one. Audax put on a great show and it’s sure to be more fun.

BDR have had a look at that TransOz Audax site. It appears a great way to travel the full length of Australia with added support and some feed/ sleep stops covered and happens later in the year (August) It will cost you at least $2500AUD  on top of flights. The main difference from the race is that you will have to have qualified with at least 6100 km of Audax rides before the entry date to do this ride. 


◾ The highland trail Scotland

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If you’d like a fix of dot watching, the off road Highland trail starts soon.

◾ Valleycat No 2

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valleycat logoTraining for the TCR or just love adventurous long rides? Valleycat from the TCR organising crew is back after it’s inaugural test event last year, and is awaiting entries.

Valleycat CC has a new website for all the details and the facebook page will give you an idea of event 1 with photos.

“This time we’re going right in deeper to mid-Wales, 15 miles from Aberystwyth to be exact, for a whole weekend of controls bagging across around 350km.
Controls will be announced Friday night at Tymawr farm and riders will have all weekend to visit.
Two nights camping at Tymawr and some food is included. Recovery beverages will be retrieved from the local breweries for your sampling pleasure at the Aftercat.”

valleycat clock
Go chase those clocks in the land without vowels.

For those doing the TCR it is a great chance to simulate the Friday night 10pm start, riding into the night testing your navigation skills, Going 7 plus hours before breakfast, just like France later this year. You will also meet other entrants and TCR veterans to talk race plans with. It’s not a race; but with a start and finish, and you will be tracked, well we are only human. 😉

◾Trans-Country-Training-Rides. Spain, Italy, Germany.

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Whether or not your lucky enough to get the TCR2016 golden ticket, or even considering the event for the future, you might want to test yourself in preparation.  One rider Michael Adams has decided to perform/organise 3 specific test rides for the upcoming Transcontinental 2016 in form of 3 individual events that make up the Trans-Country-Training-Ride.

The best way to find out all the details is to read the proposed events manual which is pretty comprehensive.

The three planned Events are listed below including scheduled dates, lengths and approximate durations of the events:

  1. Trans-Spain-Training-Ride: Friday, March 25th, 2016; Approx.. 1,200 km / 3-5 days
  2. Trans-Italy-Training-Ride: Monday, May 2th, 2016; Approx.. 1,500 km / 3-7 days
  3. Trans-Germany-Training-Ride: Friday, July 8th, 2016; Approx. 1,100 km / 2-5 days

It could be a great adventure and a superb tester for any future “Trans” racer. There is no substitute for long days riding and navigating in another country to find out what works for you. Do it!

Now what can we organise in the UK to compare. The Belgium’s are having a go right now on Mad Friday

◾Round the world record?

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Recently I’ve been checking out just what’s available in tracking sites out there. Who else is displaying events and the blue dots we love, who are Trackleaders rivals.

One such provider Follow My Challenge have a nice display showing a riders track since August 12th 2015

Andrews Follow My Challenge Page (taken Dec 12th)
Andrews Follow My Challenge Page (taken Dec 12th)
Andrew Nicholson (NZL) Cycling Guinness World Record attempt: ‘Circumnavigating the world by bicycle’.

UPDATE: he has now established a new Record under the current rules

His Round the World tracking page shows him in New Zealand at the moment on the home leg to Auckland on day 120, and he looks on track to beat the “official record”.

While this article from Road Cycling NZ about Andrew states the current record to beat is 125 days, we all know the true round the world legend is Mike Hall after his ride On 4 June 2012.

Mike Hall completed his circumnavigation in 91 days 18 hours. His ride was totally unsupported. After the ride, Guinness World Records changed the rules to include total travel time. Under the new rules Mike recorded a time of 107 days 2 hours 30 minutes. (Wikipedia page here)

Interestingly Blue dot watchers favourite female Juliana Buhring holds the  world record set in that same unsupported round the world race, Our own Blue Dot member Paula Regener is planning her own attempt on this in 2016