GB3 – GB7

Announcing some fixed challenge routes in Great Britain; GB3 and GB7

gb-logoThe idea is a number of fixed routes for riders who want to challenge themselves or train for the long distance un-supported endurance races.

There will eventually be a three routes of approx. 800-900 km covering different areas of GB, and one monster route that will be a challenge to complete in seven days, hence GB3 for 3 days to complete and GB7 for seven days.

The three GB3 routes will be GB3 South, GB3 Wales/North and GB3 Borders (might need to find some cooler names as we know how much you all like acronyms 😉 )

GB3 South is complete and just requires pre-riding to ensure its full validity, it’s essential that the routes are solidly planned to prevent any changes in the future.

The Rules:

  1. The routes are fixed and should be followed fully in principle. Some portions of the route will be deemed a Free-route zone. For example travelling through Bristol. A GPS waypoint with denote the start of the Free-route and from this point riders can progress to the Free-route end point as they wish. This allows for varied routes through built up areas using cyclepaths or to visit services. There will be a suggested route but only to complete the GPX loop file.
  2. Riders can start the ride at any location on the route. The finish will then be exactly at your start point. This reduces the need for extended travel as routes pass through a large overall area in their regional locations.
  3. It’s proposed that rides are completed in an unsupported manner, solo, with no drafting or outside assistance; but if riders do complete in groups or with some level of support they will then be classified as a finisher but in the supported class.
  4. Along the route there are Checkpoints, riders should provide photographic proof via social media or at the end of a ride as proof of completing the fixed route.
  5. A roll of honour for completed rides will be kept, GPX files or links to rides uploaded to Strava/Garmin connect will be accepted as valid proof.
  6. Satellite or mobile phone tracking can be used as alternative or backup proof of completion.

More details soon, an example of potential route areas are shown here as an example. borders-rough-route-v1 nw-rough-route-v1 south-rough-route-v1