◾ YCC September Round Up

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59 Tons in one month, what more can you say Steve Abraham is a legend. After a truly epic October where he rode over 200 miles daily, he now officially holds the longest ratified mileage in a Month record at 7104.5 miles.

Steve A's wandering breadcrumb trail for his record months riding
Steve A’s wandering breadcrumb trail for his record months riding

Kajsa herself trying for one century a day, joined the YCC “Ton of Tons” club, Steve A of course cruised in and our fifth member now is Steve Gee. Congratulations to all, One Hundred Centuries by the start of Autumn is very impressive.

It looks like a further four riders have targeted becoming a Centurion for the year, it obviously takes some commitment as only fifteen riders have completed more than fifty in 2016. Mike Kelly is one of those and his relentless charge has earned him “The Year” book prize for this month with 11. If you fancy a copy yourself then the next three months are a good chance to start a charge, it has to go to a new rider each month.

Septembers Top 6:
59 Steve Abraham
25 Kajsa Tylén
12 Pete R
12 Richard Karmann
11 Mike Kelly
10 Steve Gee

Overall Top 10 so far:
145 Steve Abraham
111 Jack Peterson
110 Kajsa Tylén
108 Phill Cloke
100 Steve Gee
96 Richard Karmann
91 Ricki Goode
87 Pete R
83 Mike Kelly
76 Mike Lane

Big Rides and events that caught our eye for September include:

      • Jasmijn Muller in the National 12 hr TT does 265 miles for 3rd, not to shabby, welcome back after a health scare. Gregg Melia puts out 256 miles at the same event.
      • Jas then partnered up with Paul B and Hippy from here to compete in the Revolve 24Hr team race at Brands Hatch circuit where they came 4th and Jas picked up a hatfull of fastest lap prizes.
      • A true distance nutter ride though from Jason Miles, 24 Hr solo champ from the same event, 407 miles and an Everest of climbing on a tough circuit. Ride of the month.
      • Well deserved trophy, Jason Miles wins the world cup, almost.
        Well deserved trophy, Jason Miles wins the world cup, almost.
      • Several riders did the Borders of Belgium 1000km Audax. Rob B, Lindsay C and Dean C.
      • A good YCC turnout at the Flatlanders 600 including James W, Jack P, Shaun H, Jignesh S, Mike L and Folly.
      • Dave Barter our book prize sponsor rode a challenging new off road challenge, read his report at Torino – Nice rally, great tales as always from Dave.
      • The Valleycat event in Wales brought together YCC riders Shell, Rob J, JP and JJ, some challenging riding over road and tough gravel tracks followed by great social evenings, highly recommended adventure. Here’s one of JJ’s rides with some great pictures.
JJ enjoying the "not suitable for motors" fun of valleycat
JJ enjoying the “not suitable for motors” fun of valleycat
  • We also loved Kat Moores pictures of the Bristol girls having fun on the Rapha Womens prestige event out of Londinium.

◾Route 66 Race Cancelled

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Route 66 which started in Chicago, Illinois, USA has been cancelled mid race. Route 66 Bike Race

Clicky for website link
Clicky for website link

From the Facebook Page

Route 66 race is cancelled. Any further forward movement on the route is at racer choice but will not in any way be supported by the organisers.

” When the aca put maps out of rt66 there was a lot of excitement. Most of us had ridden others aca routes and had no reason to think the integrity of the map set was to be questioned. We talked to multiple people who had ridden the route and none stated the difficulty that most of us have experienced.”

“With 3 people hit, multiple people ending the race due to danger, and the obvious fact it is simply not safe, The call was made before any further serious accidents occur.

The leading riders are continuing, the race is still on unofficially, but they are following there own routes if they intend to complete the coast to coast ride.

Our best wishes for a speedy recovery to this years winner of the TransAtlanticWay Race Bernd Paul who was knocked off his bike in the event. He’s in good spirits after suffering a broken Pelvis.

Updated: A very interesting Mountainbike radio podcast interview here with Billy Rice and Jesse Stauffer on the race and some hints as to a new Endurance event “The Pony Express”

◾Japanese Odyssey 2016 Starts Saturday 17th

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Jap Odyssey

This event is gathering interest and on Saturday Sept 17th sixteen riders will leave the Nihonbashi Bridge in Tokyo to take on the quest to climb many of Japans iconic climbs. We say quest because once again it is not billed as a race and there is no set route.

Riders have 14 days to pass through 11 mandatory mountain passes and check points until the finish line in Osaka, the order they attack them is entirely up to them. The event is tracked (see website when live) so we should see riders zigzagging all over Japans islands.

2016 Checkpoints and start-finish locations
From Tokyo to Osaka the 2016 Checkpoints will produce many varied routes

We will be following friend of the site Daniel Johnasson  with interest and hopefully he will provide his usual in depth stories of the adventure afterwards.

Interested for 2017; you might like to see the Ride with GPS files for checkpoints and the climbs

Previous Posts:

Despite the rain and low rider count for 2015, the organisers are once again promoting this unsupported Trans Japan trip. Will it be a race this time, the website is under review but you can register an interest if you have any spare time left by September 2016.

A message from the organisers:

We are pleased to present you the second edition of the Japanese Odyssey.

The event will start from Tokyo on September 17, 2016. Entrants will have to reach Osaka within a 14 day time limit. They may take the route of their choice, as long as they go up the 11 mandatory climbs. Those imposed detours will take the riders in various regions among which the Japanese Alps and the island of Shikoku.

In the 60’s, a mountaineer, Kyuya Fukada, detailed in a book his 100 favourite mountains in Japan. His Nihon Hyakumeizan became a hit. The book was widely read, and those hundred mountains became a goal for many hikers. Today, the word: Meizan refers to an “eminent”, unique and admired mountain, and the Hyakumeizan are now strongly embedded in the Japanese mountaineering sport.

The second edition of the Japanese Odyssey is about taking the entrants up a series of famous climbs in Japan. But it is also an attempt to place them in touch with the traditions, customs and culture of the country. It is an attempt to make them “breathe” Japanese air.

Discover the route at: http://www.japanese-odyssey.com/

and keep in touch on https://www.facebook.com/japaneseodyssey/

This is our second edition of the Japanese Odyssey. First edition took place last year (sept-15). 6 entrants took part in that 1st edition. 2 Australians, 1 British, 1 coming from Singapore, and me and my partner coming from France. As you wrote it in one of your post, we don’t see our event as a race. Or I should better say: it is not a race against the others. It is a race against the clock. Make it to Osaka in 14 days, and you are a winner.

Here, you will find some photos from last year event. I hope you will get a glimpse of the idea of our event.


There you go 😉

BDR: 2015 information post here shame non of the riders appeared to have written about the experience yet.

◾ YCC Summer Round Up

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A Ton of Tons deserved a special cake or three, and several beers (Jack P.)
A Ton of Tons deserved a special cake or three, and several beers (Jack P.)

A lot has happened but the main news is we have our first centurion riders: Phill Cloke. and Jack Peterson. both entered the Ton of Tons roll of honour on the same day in week 32. An outstanding achievement with Phill adding 21 in July alone. Pete R had a good July too and received the Year book prize as the next deserved winner.

July’s Top 5

21 Phill Cloke
17 Jack Peterson
13 Pete R
13 Richard Karmann
12 Mike Lane

As you’d expect over summer there were some huge rides, several over 1000km. In the Audax world one such event was the gruelling Mile Pennines, a great bunch of YCC riders Paul Dytham, Shell, Steve Ferry, Jamie Andrews Mike Kelly Alex Bend, Marcus JB and Adama watkins, did battle with the weather and Northern hills.

Henry Whaley NC500
Henry Whaley NC500

Another was the highlands and Islands where Jack, Ricki Goode, David Hann and Dan Rough has differeing success in the cold wet Scottish hills while the rest of the UK basked in warm sunshine.
Andy C rode his own 1000km route, while Martin Radford rode LEJoG and Henry Whaley rode the NC500
Steve Abraham meanwhile did the national 24 hour TT with a credible 457 miles.
The Dulwich Dynamo had a huge turnout with some riders completing the return as a loop, but a 6pm start time kills double ton aspirations.

There was off road fun too, Jason Miles did the Salzkammergut Trophy a tough Austria off road Enduro with 7.900 metres of climbing in 200km, truly epic.
Dave Barter (the generous doner of our prize book “The Year”) did an established off road classic, the Trans Cambrian Way. His story of the ride here is written in his superbly funny style and well worth a read.

August Top 5

19 Paul Buckley
16 Shell (LFCC)
14 Darren Franks
14 James Juneyt Dennis
13 Hippy Hippy and Rob Jordon

The table tells a story, August started for several of our YCC clan with the Transcontinental race from Belgium to Turkey. These mile-eaters lead the way with Paul stealing the book prize in the end with a 4 ton round trip to the Isle of Man, so he recovered well.

The Devastator challenge was no match for Darren's post TCR metabolism
The Devastator challenge was no match for Darren’s post TCR metabolism

Darren Franks showed us just how much appetite such a long ride creates, while his trip blog is evolving as it paints a graphic picture of the pain involved, another great read
JJD grabbed his tons in just two Monster rides, one a lap of Iceland, the other a London-Edinburgh-London loop of his own, he hopes to race to Turkey next year.
Kajsa continues on her year record and returns from her Scandinavian adventure riding North in the UK heatwave, the red arrows even help her celebrate on day 231 when she passes 20,000 miles so far in 2016.

Steve Abraham shows some speed doing 237 miles at 18mph, outstanding, what’s he preparing for: From September 2nd he is going for the month mileage record. Now as his target is 7000 miles, it’s very likely that he could post 60 tons for next month alone!

Rob Jordon on Furka pass TransContinental
Rob Jordon on Furka pass TransContinental

The off road big rides keep coming; George Cordal rode the lumpy South Downs Way in one hit, but MiniPips keeps blowing us away. Tour de France off road then back to school, amazing picture blog story here.

Andy C is another hero completing a challenge he set himself, riding 600Km, 400Km, 300Km, 200Km for twelve continuous months; best explained in his blog

Kudos also going to Alex Hamilton for his 24 Challenge, and Luke Dutton for the Newcastle to London non-stop  challenge.

So after all that the main table come the end of August looks like this: We await our next Centurian, well after Steve who will blow the table apart it seems. Full table here

104 Jack Peterson
102 Phill Cloke
90 Steve Gee
86 Steve Abraham
85 Kajsa Tylén
84 Richard Karmann
82 Ricki Goode
75 Pete R
71 Mike Kelly
69 Mike Lane

Stop Press: Steve A day 1 – A triple ton for starters

◾ YCC June Round Up

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The month with the most daylight, and the start of many Ultra endurance races, we would expect a landslide of tons this month.

Jasmijn Muller starts the month off with a LEJOG trip. This was in preparation for a future attempt to beat the ladies record for the End to End route in 2017. It was great seeing the huge variation of trips riders took, June’s bullet points follow in no particular order.

  • Marcus JB went on an great voyage of adventure, this bridged both May and June as he headed South for the sun across France
  • Ten riders have now cracked the 50 Tons after 6 Months and thirty people have a completed 20 to gain a certificate (Note: If any of your are graphic designers and can help with the design of this please get in touch
  • Dave Barter put in another great off road Ton ride completing a double ridgeway ride. Ridgeway_DaveB
  • Alex H and Graeme C collect a few doing the increasingly popular NC500 route in Scotland.
  • A local Northants battle breaks out between Rich K and Ricki G, at times both putting in 4 tons in a week, Rich coming out on top 13 to 12 in his favour.
  • Phil C puts in a mammoth consistent 17 for the month with 5 in one week, to move him up to third in the overall table.
  • Darren F practicing for a ton fest at the TCR race goes LEL route hunting riding from London to Edinburgh for 440 miles (3 tons)
  • Richard B and Steve G join the Triple Ton club with a very fast 300 around the Lincoln area in 23 Hours.
  • Toby Willis joins the YCC Everesting gang, the third this year to scale 8480 metres up the same climb in a day.
  • The Big Audax rides are in full swing, several riders out on the very tough Dragons and Legends 600Km round Wales including Alex B and Gareth B and Mike L

Almost a lap of wales

Almost a lap of wales

Photo: Alex Bend

Photo: Alex Bend

  • Another event for Sarah F, Keith W and Chris H was to complete the Coast to Coast route including the Hardknott pass in one day.
  •  Dereck M and Eric R rode the other direction across the country in the South for 204 miles, chasing the sun from when it rose in Southend over to the Welsh West Coast.
  • Mike Hall smashed the Tour Divide Race from Banff Canada to the Mexican border.  Read the story here. Just think about that, under 14 days for 2700 miles off road with minimal sleep unsupported, truly amazing cycling. He gained 19 Tons to deservedly win this Months book prize. “The Year”
  • Commiserations to Steve G who looked odds on for the book prize going into the final three days of the month regularly posting four Tons in a week. His efforts though now move him up to fourth in the overall 2016 list above Steve A.
  • Steve Abraham himself took part in a 12 hour TT double ton on his trusty Raleigh riding at over 20mph average. He is certainly training hard and look out for an attempt on the HAMR month record before the year’s out; That should be 60 tons alone with his past record.
Photo: JackP – Stunning

Three of the Top ten riders this month competed against each other in the TransAtlanticWay Race around Irelands Wild Atlantic Way. Jack P, Paula R and George C gathered a hatful of Tons during one week battling the elements, whilst enjoying the stunning views this huge coastal route offers.  This means Jack stretches out a brief gap at the top of the yearly tons table with 76, while Kajsa had a relaxing month touring to and round Sweden, still on target for the ladies highest Annual mileage record.

Centuries Recorded for June:
19 Mike Hall
17 Phill Cloke
14 Steve Gee
13 Richard Karmann
13 Paula Regener
13 Jack Peterson
12 Ricki Goode
11 Mike Lane
8 Steve Abraham
8 Kajsa Tylén
8 George Cordal

Yearly Totals at the end of June:  (full List)
Jack Peterson 76
Kajsa Tylén 72
Phill Cloke 71
Steve Gee 66
Steve Abraham 64
Ricki Goode  62
Richard Karmann 61
Mike Kelly 54
Mike Lane 52
Pete R 50




TransOz for 2017 anyone? Indian Pacific Wheel Race

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Hold up on your plans for 2017, this might mix them up, do you fancy racing across Australia. Jesse Carlsson is proposing a 3700 mile race and is checking out the interest, below is lifted from his Facebook post. (updated Facebook Page, its happening)

Click to open the proposed route in ride with GPS
Click to open the proposed route in ride with GPS

OK Overlanders, click (the map above) to check out version 3 of a possible Indian Pacific Wheel Race in March 2017. There seems to be a fair bit of Internet interest in the idea but I wonder if it will translate into real world interest? Thanks for all the route suggestions so far. Unfortunately not everyone will be pleased. Nevertheless, I have a particular adventure in mind for this race, and it goes like this…
> Race bikes across Australia, from ocean to ocean.
> Single stage race of around 5,000 km.
> Solo.
> No support.
> Sealed roads.
> Starting at [***TBC: 6am on 1 Mar 2017] in Fremantle – dipping the rear wheel in the Indian Ocean sometime the day before. The finish line is the Sydney Opera House, whenever you get there. Neutral riding to Bondi Beach following that will be encouraged to dip the front wheel in the Pacific Ocean.
> Passing right through the centre of Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney, taking in some of the favourite local cycling routes along the way. I want racers to see the contrast between the outback and the city. I want commuters to see the racers. I want CBD workers and racers to cross paths. I want local bunch rides to find racers. I hope some local riders will even ride with racers as they pass through. I hope the cities welcome the racers.
> The course has a few distinct sectors with different characteristics:
1. The desert (incl the Nullarbor);
2. Rolling hills through the famous winery districts of South Australia;
3. The iconic Great Ocean Road;
4. The mountains. Sure you might be able to TT across the desert but can you hold it together though a hilly 1,200km sector to finish?
> This is not to be confused with the fully supported Trans Oz Audax event planned for next year (Aug) to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Oppy’s record-breaking Fremantle to Sydney ride in 1937 – go here for that: http://www.transoz.bike/. You will like that event a lot more than this one. Audax put on a great show and it’s sure to be more fun.

BDR have had a look at that TransOz Audax site. It appears a great way to travel the full length of Australia with added support and some feed/ sleep stops covered and happens later in the year (August) It will cost you at least $2500AUD  on top of flights. The main difference from the race is that you will have to have qualified with at least 6100 km of Audax rides before the entry date to do this ride. 


Tour divide so interesting for 2016

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Friday into Saturday 10th June the tour divide 2016 starts. 2711 off road miles from Canada to the Mexican border. Here in the UK all eyes will be on the favourite  “dots” of Mike Hall vs Josh Kato and the first race celebrity Guy Martin.   Here at BDR we will be watching Brits Greg May and Nigel Leech too.

Photo from Louth Cycle centre who have built the bike
Photo from Louth Cycle centre who have built the bike

Guy is on a Salsa Fargo with a Roloff Hub prepared by Louth Cycles, this boy doesn’t do things by half and from friends in Endura who have supplied his kit, he has great respect for the history and rules of this unsupported race.

There is a great introduction to the race on Bikepackers Magazine. There is a huge turnout of Southbound riders this year.

The tracker page is here