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Ba Ba Bikepack Race announced

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Do you have July spare in 2018 well you might be interested in this.

Race against the clock – 1 Stage
One person will win. It is a race. No prizes, other than bragging rights in the pub.
June 29th 2018
5340 km (3329 miles)
60,340m climbing (197965ft)
70 of Great Britains 200 hardest climbs in one event
3 Countries
3 Capital Cities
12 National Parks
Where you sleep is up to you.
It is a small island? Yeah right, try riding round it on a bike…Now is your chance.

It was announced yesterday and already there are 26 rides who have registered an interest to ride, and it has been quickly upgraded to a race event. Check out the very informative website, it has full details of the challenge and the initial versions of the routes. Ba Ba Bikepack