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◾Century Challenge February Update

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As  February fades into history, extra day and all, the riders going for the big Ton of Tons are clearly emerging. A group of about 10 riders are consistently battling time and the elements to get at least 2 big rides a week in, some more. The February king, and The Year winner, is Tony Barlow with 13 tons , who right now is enjoying riding in Spain before returning to the UK. Spain like the UK has had some windy stormy periods and unusual frosts so it hasn’t all been easy, but Tony’s nice Litespeed helps him along. Tony himself is an ex heavy smoking big guy who has turned his health around by cycling, and good luck to him for the rest of the years challenge.

Tony Barlow Bike
It’s not about the bike, but it sure helps

We did think that half term would bring a surge in rides, but this coincided with a cold icy snap, instead of volume we saw some quality rides out there.  Kajsa suffered  in the wind and cold despite meeting up with Steve Abraham (who dropped in a recovery 161 miler) for a few rides. In the final week she found her Mojo again, including chasing the Flying Scotsman to Newark, banged in 7 tons to head the table on 27. JP is just matching her at a more regular weekly rate.

Overall Riders top 10 (over 16 is on target for the big 100) The current totals Page

27  Kajsa Tylén
27  Jack Peterson
26  Steve Abraham
22  Ricki Goode (A5R)
20  Tony Barlow
20  Steve Gee
19  Phill Cloke
17  Mike Kelly
15  Richard Karmann
15  Andy C

That’s 6 riders in the 20 Century Hall of Fame already then. Here are a few rides and photos (hope that’s ok people) that got our attention during Feb.

llanberis pass
Toby Willis took this great photo on Llanberis pass during a 150 mile loop

Eric Richardson joins us and goes great guns with a tough 12000ft 140 miler to show some intent.
Rich Karmann riding straight after a nightshift and a quick sleep to maximise the daylight, the start of 3 tons in a row for him, despite some mechanicals.
Not the only one as Paul Buckley set off on a mission at 5.30pm to ride 100 miles before midnight, he made it with minutes to spare. Thats a tough call, and not recommended. If the clock ticks past midnight there is nothing you can do but possibly cry.

We had Dave Powell averaging a cracking 17mph over 8000ft in the cold, and Jamie Andrews with a  Devon/Cornwall coast to coast 156 miler.
Alex Hamilton put in a shivering wet Scottish C2C in under 6 hours, and Mike Kelly grabbed a double Ton riding home from Hunstanton.

Kilhope Cross-snow from stephen Ropbinson
What more can you say. Sums this month up well. Kilhope Cross from stephen Ropbinson

Some big Audax turnouts too: Andy C is still turning in 2 day 300 and 400K rides in his personal challenge. A tough day out in Wales in killer high winds on the Malmesbury Mash 200K for many including Mike Hall now joining YCC.
The Peak 200Km saw many of you struggling too including Audax points champ Mike Lane who will be one to watch in the coming months. Hippy Hippy rode to, and back from the Chiltern Grit audax in rain and high winds at 16.5 mph average, nice one for the double ton
I hope some new friendships are blooming as our YCC group cross paths on rides, always worth a comment on Strava to show support or arrange rides together.

YCC Night ride dedication thanks again to Toby for this

The February Hero ride Kudos can only go to one man. Martian Cioana going for our first triple. Falling short with “only” 267 miles on the same calendar day, the 292 mile trip out and round the South Coast from London, would be epic anytime; but in Febuary, Wow!

Februray Top 5, now who wants that book for March

Tony Barlow 13
Jack Peterson 11
Ricki Goode (A5R) 11
Kajsa Tylén 10
Pete R 10

From now on the totals page might not be updated as quickly as it has so far. It’s the season to start long trips away for weekends, don’t worry we will get there. Keep an eye on the latest update date, and again don’t hesitate to contact us for any missed tons.

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◾Century Challenge week 5

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Kajsa with The Year
Kajsa and her January YCC prize. well done.

Kajsa gets stuck into her book, as seen in this VIDEO. For the weekend she teamed up with Steve A for a couple of wet and wild rides and had a quieter week generally, plenty of time for recovery while reading about record holder Billie.

It started off as a very quiet week but by the weekend the table swelled as 36 separate riders passing the mark.

The wind didn’t stop JP and Tony B grabbing 3 each, and 4 other riders getting 2, Mike K once again in one monumental 200 mile ride. Several riders battled the elements for Audax 200K rides;  Shell and Ricki G at “Straight on at Rosies” with a particularly cruel return back into the teeth of Sat nights gale, while Mike C and Shaun H joined in with a very wet day out of Tewskesbury.

Other rides of note this week:

  • Stephen R  – 10,000 feet of climbing in the windy Howgills
  • Alex H  – A lap of Arron after the ferry over, with a danger of being stranded by the wind
  • Andy L – Loading up a mountain Bike with luggage in preparation for off road multi day adventures
  • PeeJay – Loving the wind so much he went out for 150 miles
  • Steve G – Mr late night battling a headwind to then see it die down removing the helping hand on the return
  • Dave B – Who once again went surfing axle deep floods and riding all day after the soaking

These updates are now going monthly, unless something spectacular deserves reporting. To follow the latest news as we see it please follow 100mileriders on Twitter

Top 10 – week 6

24 Steve Abraham
19 Jack Peterson
18 Kajsa Tylén
14 Steve Gee
13 David Kohler
13 Ricki Goode (A5R)
11 Phill Cloke
10 Mike Kelly
10 Tony Barlow
9   Andy C

◾YCC January Round Up

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As we roll into February it’s been great watching our new family of YCC riders as they develop plans, find and no doubt extend their limits. Already a hard core of riders are emerging, those averaging over two a week in all weathers, well on target for a ton of tons.

It was a quiet start to this week, the soul destroying high winds suffered by just a few who ventured out. Kajsa as expected was out every day, but many times cut her rides short, losing the battle.  With a January total of 17 centuries though she is well ahead of her Year Record target, and is justifiably the first recipient of the monthly prize of The Year book. (Steve already has been gifted one by the Author)

Ride patterns are developing, those with mid week daylight available, those cramming double rides in at the weekends, and others like Steve G. How does riding in the evening often starting after 4pm and riding late into the cold Yorkshire night sound, serious hard man.
A very fast double ton from Mike K was very impressive for January at just over 14 hours, while others had even bigger plans. Martian C and James JD showed intent with a midnight start together from London, and had 150 miles in the locker by 2pm. Unfortunately the knee aching hard pedalling that constant rain and headwinds can bring caused them to abandon the ride on the South Coast, we think that ride was going to be a monster.

Several YCC competitors ventured out with the Bristol Audax Club on Saturday on a mass 300Km ride into Wales. The strength of a group ride soon turned against them with no less than 9 puncture stops. Because of the delays riders missed out projected double tons when they rolled over past midnight.  A very wet Sunday was another reason why this week only 35 separate riders added to their totals; Frits VK grabbed a nice century in style with a trip out to Switzerland and a 100 mile lap on the shores of Lake Lausanne.

Tank land

Ride of the week goes to Dave B.  No easy options for Dave, just a nice little mountain bike ride across the chalk downlands of Marlborough and Salisbury Plain. Miles of tracks are churned up by four wheel drives and Army Tanks  as one of his pictures above shows. Good to see YCC is inspiring people to go beyond normal January rides.

January Table for the big scorers, let’s see what February brings. (current status here)
24 Steve Abraham
17 Kajsa Tylén
16 Jack Peterson
13 David Kohler
12 Steve Gee
11 Ricki Goode
10 Phill Cloke
8  Andy C
8  Mike Kelly
8  Richard Barnett
7  James Juneyt Dennis
7  Paul Buckley
7  Richard Karmann
7  Tony Barlow
5  Dave Barter
5  Douglas Aitken

Those over 8 are on course for a ton of tons, in total 89 riders are on the scoreboard if they are targeting one a month.

Don’t forget that the slate is wiped clean for February and riders can only receive the Year book prize once, so keep the Tonnage coming. 

◾Century Challenge Week 3

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The big news of week 3 was the Story of Steve Abraham ending his year mileage record attempt. Despite putting in near 200 mile day rides he was leaving such a big task to regain lost miles that it was not worth continuing. So with 24 centuries so far in January it’s scant reward that he is the first rider entitled to our 20 Ton certificate. Steve joined Strava just for the year record, it would be nice if he continues loading up his rides in future, this guy has done some epic rides of all sorts in the past.

The other challenger for a years high mileage, Kajsa enjoyed a milder week to grab a good solid 5 ton and is drawing a nice trail “web” around the UK so far. Looks like she is going to be the target to chase for this year now. If you haven’t seen any of her V-logs on Facebook I’d recommend them, very entertaining. Kajsa day19

David K completed his superb trip across America coast to coast into Florida giving him an impressive 13 for the year, it’s going to be tough to maintain that start though now he’s back in Scotland. JP is keeping up his good weekly average along with fellow Team Northants rider Ricki as a regional team battle starts to emerge.  Northants vs the Northern lads but watch out for the Bristol lads when they start firing.

Glen Fruin -That's looks like a battle
That’s looks like a battle

The weekend saw the a huge surge in tons in the milder weather with 23 riders putting in a 200 km Audax distance in several different events. The busy two days boosted this weeks total to 53 separate riders over 100 miles. Our ride of the week though goes to Alex H with his cold snowy battle in Glen Fruin.

Totals table so far  LINKY

24 Steve Abraham
15 Kajsa Tylén
14 Jack Peterson
13 David Kohler
10 Steve Gee
9 Ricki Goode (A5R)
8 Phill Cloke
7 Andy C 7
6 James Juneyt Dennis
6 Mike Kelly
6 Richard Barnett
6 Richard Karmann

With at least 6 rides these riders are off to a determined start, well on course for the magic ton of tons. With the sad loss of Steve this does open up the fight to be top dog, and don’t forget our prize of the YEAR BOOK for being the months highest ton grabber.

If you have any stories to share for this update slot then please contact us

◾Century Challenge Week 2

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The week the Ice and snow finally appeared across the UK. It certainly hit the ton up hopefuls as only 25 riders recorded the magic 100 compared to the 39 of week 1.

David Kohler from Edinburgh joined the challenge as he rides across America. unfortunate for him he’s coming to the end of his coast to coast epic in Miami but gained 5 tons this week. A weekly total shared with Kajsa who showed true grit in keeping up her daily mileage tally.

Kajsa starting her epic Year in the Saddle as YCC joined her
Kajsa starting her epic Year in the Saddle

Andy C as part of his Super Randoneur challenge per month (Super Randonneur is AUK’s, “traditional award for the top 10% of hardened night-riders. Ride a series of 200, 300, 400 & 600km all in one season) does his 600K ride.
This is a good illustration of the daily mileage rules, his 374 mile ride only gets him 2 centuries, one per day.

He wasn’t the only big rider though, Steve A, James JD, Paul B and Jon K all put in epics, the latter three in the aptly named “Willy Warmer” Audax.
We hearing of many targets for the year, at least four riders have the Ton of Tons as their objective, while many are happy to aim for one a month. Remember twenty centuries will gain you a certificate from YCC if you like mementos.

Another notable ride was from Dave B our first recorded ton on a mountainbike, he still managed to hit the ground hard on ice though luckily without injury. Keep safe out there, there’s plenty of the year to go.

Century leader board so far after week 2

21 Steve A
11 Jack P
10 David K
9   Kajsa T
7   Steve Gee
6   James JD
6   Phill C
6   Ricki G

And don’t forget out new team category formed after a few requests from club riders.
Teams of 3 will have their totals added together for the year. Send us your Team name and 3 selected riders (in the YCC group) to bluedotriders@gmail.com. We would like to see some (however loose) association between riders.
NOTE: Don’t choose Steve Abraham, that’s just not playing fair, he’s a solo player to the core. The challenge is on to see if a team can beat this solo machine riding his bike full time.

◾The YEAR Century Challenge is off and running

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As the bells rang out to take us into 2016, it also signalled the re-birth of the Yearly Century Challenge in the UK.

How keenly was this going to be contested, well one rider set out on the roads at 00:01 and went on to complete the first century of the year! Another braved the icy Jan 1st roads at 2am and went on to record our first double century of the year, Bravo; Steve Abraham followed suit just before that first day ended play with a double too.

Friday Jan 1st ended with eight riders getting their name on the board, and once the holiday weekend was complete we had a total of Forty Four riders claiming at least one Ton, we have a competition going here guys, brilliant.

Steve Abraham and Jack Peterson had amassed 4 apiece, probably the only time anyone will match Steve on his quest for the Year mileage record.

Four other riders had put in two tons.
Paul Buckley grabbing a commendable very wet double and Phill Cloke did two separate rides.
Kajsa Tylén chasing the ladies Yearly mileage World record had a great start to her campaign with two strong 100 mile rides, while Dave Barter the author of the YEAR BOOK led by example with two tons also.

Week 1

As the difficult return to work after the Christmas layoff started, we watched to see how many weekday tons would be surfacing.  The answer was plenty. Kajsa and Steve riding every day was expected, but others kept coming in. Some working round and extending the daily commute, while one London Cycle courier Doug seemed to be keen to grab that last job to push him into the century zone.

Jack Peterson put in another four around work, and Steve Gee three, but they were no match for Steve. His eight for the week will be disappointing for his mileage record totals though, he just can’t get the 200 miles a day he so desperately needs.

The totals can be found here: YCC Table so far and don’t forget to follow and share your experiences with us on  https://twitter.com/100mileriders or use the hashtag #100milerides

For extra fun we have also started a team competition for fun. For this its just the three riders totals added together for the year. Grab two other riders from your club, or friends and email the details to BlueDotRiders, don’t forget a team name too. It would be interesting to see if any Team can compete with Steve’s total by August.

13 Steve Abraham
8 Jack Peterson
5 Steve Gee
4 Kajsa Tylén
4 Paul Buckley
4 Phill Cloke
4 Ricki Goode (A5R)

If you have any stories to tell in your tons quest, or if we miss your rides, please drop us a mail  BlueDotRiders, and Good Luck.

◾The ultimate long distance challenge – The Year record

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Sitting here watching the rain pour down outside, my thoughts turn to Steve Abraham ploughing through that, and of seeing Kurt in a video dressed up in full waterproofs for a full days riding yesterday (day 291).

If they did 205 miles per day their trace would be the flat line at 0 – a quick reference whether above or below WR pace. Shows how Godwin had a slow start, and amazing summer then another tough last few winter months as war broke out and lights were banned.

Kurt 75 days to goAbsolutely amazing that he has now passed 60K miles, It hasn’t been without many testing times and understandably the strain is showing. Alicia, now wife, (they just interrupted the ride one day to get married) described it perfectly as “clinging to the side of the mountain” A few weeks ago now with under 100 days to go. He was feeling the strain, had a cardio episode, and had to visit A&E. Then had a rare day off, still did 50 miles, but the slightest off day puts a big dent in the average as shown by Jo’s ace graphs. GIcentre

Kurt now on a donated Orbea bike (funny how sponsors appear as the record looks possible) is the bright blue line. You can see how he had a great summer and built up a buffer as he rises above the 205 a day average line mid graph. But then a combination of bike problems, health problems for Alicia and bad storms really hit into that buffer. Its also mentally tough keeping going at the slightest setback when you have that buffer, and we all know the feeling of feeling jaded as the home stretch approaches.

At present he is 470 miles above that world record line (don’t forget he has 9 days in January 2016 to do too) but interestingly below the astonishing pace of Tommy Godwin (the light blue line) for the same time of year. I’ve grown to like Kurt he has done this in a really engaging way with his constant updates and videos, and its noticeable that Steve has struggled in this respect even with a team around him.

Godwins average suffered heavily as he passed through October 26th 1939 which was the day that he took Ossie Nicholson’s previous world record having accumulated 62,746 miles. The toil of the next two winter months will always hit the averages you’d imagine.

Steve, well he has settled into his Mark 2 attempt, but his tactics have changed dramatically. The bright red line on the graphs left is his current “reset” challenge but he has also ridden over 52,000 miles on his original 2015 record attempt (the lighter red line)

Gone are the hosts in different parts of the country, his original team has fallen into disarray and he is trying to provide some glimpse into his world by adding daily comments to his Strava updates.
He openly admitted that the lack of rest was killing his recovery so has adopted a later start time tactic now, less stops, trying to save every minute.
This is apparent in his Mk2 start at above WR pace then rapid decline. A routine of sticking to Fens out and back rides has now developed at a good average of 200+ per day, and he has clawed it back to closer to the line. BUT where are the long buffer summer rides, can this approx. 210 per day pace be good enough, a harsh winter could create a tough hill to climb.

Personally what Steve is doing is astonishing in its own right, and I wish him well, but he is not at the Elite level athlete that Kurt or indeed Tommy G are;
Distance = Speed x Time. Steve just doesn’t have the speed to give him more time to recover or the epic mileages of TG. You can see on the Strava graphs that Kurt does the mileage in under 80 hrs a week where Steve is at a metronomic 95 hrs/wk.

IMG_20151020_213239 Hot off the presses is the definitive history of the one year TT record and its origins. BUY or click picture. It’s a brilliantly written and inspiring read from fellow cycling nutter Dave, and I can’t recommend it enough. It has sparked my interest in the year long Century challenge that Cycling magazine ran in 1911; how cool would that be if it was resurrected. Strava could cope with that easily and a truly global contest could ensue. Usefull Links:

Thanks Dave. Many hours spent on muddy trails with this guy, a legend.