◾ YCC October Round Up

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The shorter days and cooler evenings of October have not stopped the pursuit of big miles. Paul Buckley cracked the triple ton in fine style with this ride while Pete R produced a commendable 245 miles the same weekend. Ivo M meanwhile went for an adventure in warmer climes on the Silk route,  his album of pictures is here if anyone has a thirst to do similar.


With many of the top runners already having received a Year book prize, the battle is hotting up, with an attainable total giving more riders a chance . Jeff Ellingham was looking favourite on 9 going into the final weekend, then Steve G. drew level and held the placing with the tiebreak of an epic 249 mile day in his favour. Just as we were readying the congratulations email JJ Denis returned from his epic self styled London-Edinburgh-London ride. His 1000 mile monster battling the cold nights into November grabbed him 6 tons to leap into prime spot on 11, congratulations and very well deserved. Go give the guy some Kudos.

1013 miles in 4 days outstanding. LEL loop JJ style
1013 miles in 4 days outstanding. LEL loop JJ style

October top tonnage
21 Kajsa Tylén
13 Pete R
12 Mike Kelly
12 Paul Buckley
11 James Juneyt Dennis
11 Ricki Goode
9 Steve Gee
9 Jeff Ellingham





This month we crowned another three Centurions.  A local Northants battle saw Rich Karmann narrowly pip Ricki Goode to the magic “ton of tons.” Pete R. completed on the final weekend and celebrating in style. Fellow riders joined him and enjoyed a party with much deserved celebration cake and beers. That’s 8 centurions with Mike Kelly homing in on 96, and that looks like it for 2016 unless something special happens.

Centurion Pete enjoys the spoils
Centurion Pete enjoys the spoils

Total to end October (full details Sheet)
149 Steve Abraham
134 Kajsa Tylén
113 Phill Cloke
112 Jack Peterson
109 Steve Gee
102 Richard Karmann
102 Ricki Goode
100 Pete R
95 Mike Kelly
77 Mike Lane

58 riders so far have reached what for many is their target of 20 centuries, how many more of you are on the cusp and will get there with two months remaining.

Kajsa is so famous she now rides in disguise
Kajsa is so famous she now rides in disguise

In October Kajsa Tylén passed 27,000 miles for the year so far, and is looking to have a stronger resolve than ever to complete a ton a day. We’re positive she will smash her 31,069 mile target to claim the Years mileage record, but will she overhaul Steve Abraham in the YCC table; will Steve let her 😉

Another notable mention goes to Andy Lawrence who completed the tough annual bearbones 200K off road challenge in Wales in 18 hrs

Finally good luck to Jasmijn Muller in her attempt at the 24hr world TT champs this weekend in Calafornia after a difficult year; have a great ride.

Don’t forget if you want to win one of the final two copies of “The Year” book then you have a great chance in Nov’ and Dec’ as obviously the totals will drop off and many riders have already won one and therefore are not counted.

Night rides at this time of year can bring calmer and clearer conditions. Pic Martian Cioana
Night rides at this time of year can bring calmer and clearer conditions. Pic Martian Cioana

◾LEL 2017 Entry News

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LEL logoFor those that fancy this iconic Audax event which is next being held on 30 July 2017 there are some early entry details for the much sought after 1500 places.

The entry fee will be £320

Previous volunteers get guaranteed places so that’s a chunk gone and there is a chance to buy a place in an early cash raising promotion. The LEL 2017 website launches on the 8th September and the early bird offer opens on the 15th for 270 places.

If your a member of Audax UK don’t panic. If you were a member before 25th march 2015 then you’ll get a couple of weeks before entries open to the public in 2017 to bag your place, meaning you’ll definitely get an entry if you want to ride. (expected around 400 entries)