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Recently I’ve been checking out just what’s available in tracking sites out there. Who else is displaying events and the blue dots we love, who are Trackleaders rivals.

One such provider Follow My Challenge have a nice display showing a riders track since August 12th 2015

Andrews Follow My Challenge Page (taken Dec 12th)
Andrews Follow My Challenge Page (taken Dec 12th)
Andrew Nicholson (NZL) Cycling Guinness World Record attempt: ‘Circumnavigating the world by bicycle’.

UPDATE: he has now established a new Record under the current rules

His Round the World tracking page shows him in New Zealand at the moment on the home leg to Auckland on day 120, and he looks on track to beat the “official record”.

While this article from Road Cycling NZ about Andrew states the current record to beat is 125 days, we all know the true round the world legend is Mike Hall after his ride On 4 June 2012.

Mike Hall completed his circumnavigation in 91 days 18 hours. His ride was totally unsupported. After the ride, Guinness World Records changed the rules to include total travel time. Under the new rules Mike recorded a time of 107 days 2 hours 30 minutes. (Wikipedia page here)

Interestingly Blue dot watchers favourite female Juliana Buhring holds the  world record set in that same unsupported round the world race, Our own Blue Dot member Paula Regener is planning her own attempt on this in 2016