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◾Route 66 Race Cancelled

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Route 66 which started in Chicago, Illinois, USA has been cancelled mid race. Route 66 Bike Race

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From the Facebook Page

Route 66 race is cancelled. Any further forward movement on the route is at racer choice but will not in any way be supported by the organisers.

” When the aca put maps out of rt66 there was a lot of excitement. Most of us had ridden others aca routes and had no reason to think the integrity of the map set was to be questioned. We talked to multiple people who had ridden the route and none stated the difficulty that most of us have experienced.”

“With 3 people hit, multiple people ending the race due to danger, and the obvious fact it is simply not safe, The call was made before any further serious accidents occur.

The leading riders are continuing, the race is still on unofficially, but they are following there own routes if they intend to complete the coast to coast ride.

Our best wishes for a speedy recovery to this years winner of the TransAtlanticWay Race Bernd Paul who was knocked off his bike in the event. He’s in good spirits after suffering a broken Pelvis.

Updated: A very interesting Mountainbike radio podcast interview here with Billy Rice and Jesse Stauffer on the race and some hints as to a new Endurance event “The Pony Express”