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◾ YCC March Round Up

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Our Mad March hare is Ricki Goode with a commendable 16 centuries for the month, The Year book prize is on the way to him. He almost matched Kajsa on 17, who started the Month off in determined style with at least 5 per week for 3 weeks. Did she over do it, as fatigue resulted in a quiet end to the month in her highest Annual mileage campaign. Passing through a milestone of 10,000 Km on Day 70 with a York visit of 121 miles.

March Tons
17  Kajsa Tylén
16  Ricki Goode
13  Phill Cloke
12  Jack Peterson
12  Pete R
12  Richard Karmann
10  Steve Abraham
10  Steve Gee
10  Tony Barlow
9    Mike Kelly

The serious campaigners at the head of the table continued to battle, 5 riders still putting in at least one ton a week.  Andy C is still keeping super consistent in his own challenge while Phil C put in 3 in a row with some huge climbing in Cyprus . Steve Abraham got back on the horse and put in several rides with Kajsa to record 10 for the month. In one unique double ton day he rode up to Norfolk, dropped off the Raleigh and rode home on a two wheeled bike called a Morphius. This then enabled him to help an injured rider go for a 200K ride as the front part of the Morphius has a recumbrant seat.

MAR-steves new Morphius
Morphius. would you fancy pedalling that solo, Steve A did

The Audax season starts to get into full swing which means big rides from some as they ride to and from events. Adam Watkins doubled up on the March Madness, more doubles as Jack P, Bobby Charlton and Hippy battled fog on the Essex Horsepower. Other doubles from Phil C and Toby Willis. King of the doubles though was Lee Pearce, riding from London to Bilbao he did 3 separate 200 mile days.

Audax riders traditionally do long rides in teams to York over Easter; From various locations six separate YCC challengers rode for upwards of 250 miles in one long ride spread overnight.

The elusive triple gets nearer, four separate riders went over 280 miles in March; Steve G got close with one monster day in the peaks, Jack P on the Dean Audax, and JJ and Martain C the legends at over 290 miles on a huge South Coast loop from London. Martain even repeated his ride and easily cracked 300 in 24hrs but started at 1am which lost an hour.

Kajsa is still leading the way but Ricki’s surge draws him level with the consistent Jack P. They both celebrated by meeting up for the first time during their 38th over a breakfast at Café Ventoux in Leicestershire. With fellow team Northants member Rich Karmann the team passed 100 collective centuries, it’s great to see YCC creating new friendships.

MAR-team Northants
Team Northants reveal their secret weapon as they reach collectively 100 Tons

Down in New Zealand, Andy Lawrence and Kevin Cunniffe were riding off road from the top to bottom of both Islands; The Tour Aoteroa. Andy completing in under 13 days racked up a good haul of Tons. Spare a thought for poor Greg Millia who did great reverse northern C2C then had his bike nicked in Manchester on way back.

Mar-Kev NZ
Kev C self supported down under
Mar - Kev NZ ferry
Now that’s a ferry trip with a difference. New Zealand

We had to mention Gareth Baines and Alex Bend if only to include this fantastic picture of Glen Coe. A 1200Km epic round the Highlands and Islands over this years early Easter was ambitious, the weather unfortunately decided to stop ferries and halt their progress. They still got some great rides in around extra whisky drinking time.

Mar-Glen Coe
Glen Coe views thanks to Gareth B

Welcome to the YCC to Karl and Pete Summers it will be interesting to see if their rides become more competitive in the ton chase. Also Dereck Mckenzie who is doing themed rides taking in Football grounds is one to watch.

Totals for the end of March (full tables)

44  Kajsa Tylén
39  Jack Peterson
38  Ricki Goode (A5R)
36  Steve Abraham
32  Phill Cloke
30  Steve Gee
30  Tony Barlow
26  Mike Kelly
27  Richard Karmann
25  Pete R

As a comparison with the original 1911 competition which inspired YCC, on March 22nd 1911 Marcel Planes had 47 centuries from Billy Wells on 41. Fairly comparable but we will be surprised if anyone follows the furious competition that erupted in the summer of 1911.

Note: During April the adventures start so the YCC totals table will not be updated for a period. It will be updated during the final week so the race for Aprils book prize will be slightly stealth, I’m sure the main protagonists will be keeping watch themselves.


◾Tour Aotearoa New Zealand 2016

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Just love this event, and it’s just about to start.

Exploring the full length of New Zealand using photo evidence of your passage, with a 6 hour travelling curfew each day.  BDR’s Kev Cunniffe is our man on the ground and we can track his and TCR finisher Ricki Cotter as they progress TRACKER HERE